Asia’s Largest Hard Rock Hotel To Open In Genting Highlands In 2027, With 1,001 Rooms, A Rock Spa & Nightly Music Shows

Hard Rock Hotel opening at Genting Highlands in 2027

With its plethora of entertainment hubs ranging from theme parks to outlet shopping, Genting Highlands is a sought-after hotspot for city dwellers. Set to open in 2027, a new addition is on its way for travellers heading up to this hill city – the largest Hard Rock Hotel in Asia. Located at King’s Park, this hotel boasts 1,001 rooms and nightly music shows.

The largest Hard Rock Hotel in Asia with 1,001 rooms

Image credit: Kings Park Genting Highlands Sdn Bhd

Nestled atop the mountainous landscape of Genting Highlands, Hard Rock Hotel is set to open at King’s Park, a new entertainment hub, in 2027.

Featuring a grand total of 1,001 accommodations, which includes an impressive 371 luxurious hotel rooms and 630 suites, the hotel is set to be the largest of its kind in Asia. Hard Rock Hotel currently operates hotels in countries such as India, Singapore, Thailand, and Indonesia in Asia.

Image credit: Hard Rock Hotel Penang via Facebook

This massive RM10 billion project, in partnership between HR Hotel & Residences and Hard Rock International, is set to be a sought-after travel destination for both locals and tourists. Executive Vice President of King’s Park Genting Highlands Sean Chen said that the focus of this partnership is to create an exceptional stay that blends the epitome of luxury design with the unbridled spirit of rock ‘n’ roll.

Located 1,000 metres above sea level, the hotel promises a stay surrounded by mountains and with the cool highland air. Chen also added that this hotel offers a mixture of fun and elegance for both solo and group travellers and families alike.

What to expect at Hard Rock Hotel in Genting Highlands

Visitors can not only look forward to an ultra-luxe getaway, but also enjoy a stroll through a haven of shopping at a 200-square-metre retail space known as Rock Shop. Here, guests can splurge on diverse collection of city-specified clothing and accessories, as well as music-inspired souvenirs.

Image credit: Hard Rock Hotel

The hotel will also feature a heated swimming pool, where you can bask in the scenic beauty of mountain views during your stay. You can also enjoy a meal at a fine-dining restaurant and a Rock Spa for those looking to rejuvenate themselves with massages and beauty treatments such as facials and body scrubs.

As Hard Rock isn’t Hard Rock without its good ol’ rock and roll, visitors can expect to be entertained by nightly rock ‘n’ roll shows in the hotel’s stylish lounge and bar.

Asia’s largest Hard Rock Hotel in Genting Highlands to open in 2027

Nestled amidst lush greenery accompanied by a plethora of entertainment offerings, Genting Highlands stands as an unrivalled travel destination in Malaysia. With the latest addition of Asia’s largest Hard Rock Hotel, visitors can now anticipate a whole new level of entertainment tucked in Genting Highlands come 2027.

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